Monday, August 18, 2008

Kingvillage Kingken

i try to make the kingvillage 's plant is more difference , then i make it ! 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kingvillage Doggie

"Kingvillage Doggie" , i like the tree so much, it spends me much time to think and draw in detail of this surreal tree, the comes out vision is not bad! Wish you can enjoy it too!

Kingvillage Queen

"Kingvillage Queen" it is the first illusrtration in my ''Kingvillage" series. the character kingvillage queen is my most  favorite one . i fall in love with her when i just run out her sketch , i can't wait to make her in color vector illustration. then i done and i think she is perfect!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"Underwater" is the 3th set was choosed by i-stick to make a wall decal, Young boy will very fall in love with this set. lovely big fish emerge, blue algae, jellyfish, bubbles, shark.. all of them is so wonderful! check it on

Koi Dinner Time

"Koi dinner time" is another one set wall decal. it is launching on i-stick, it is very suitable for young girl's bedroom! Koi show great Vigor and Positive attitude in life! You go to make a order if you want one!

Phenix Kingdom

i love the phenix so much. it has a great Significance in our eastern asia culture. it is showing reborn and beautiful ! i love this illustration so much! i has one set wall decal project comes out from this illustration ! if you have interest in it , you can go to to take a look , it is so great!

Kingvillage Birds

This is a vector illustration. My new kids story book " Love apple adventure " is coming soon. This one will show on the chapter of the story " Kingvillage "